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Best thing to do in Prague

Many Prague visitors are complaining how the city is packed, touristy, busy, noisy and therefore it´s loosing it´s charm. This is so true, no doubts about that. Especially when you are following crowds in the busiest places  – then Prague can trully be an awfull place to be. However, as a local (and local guide) I know that Prague can also be absolutely charming, stunning and – voilá – empty.

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Prague off the beaten path: 3 hidden gems you shouldn´t miss in Prague downtown

Prague downtown is full of great hidden gems waiting for your visit. There are hundreds of people daily passing their locations without knowing there might be something special. This blog post is dedicated to very important Prague sights which are commonly overlooked by tourists and guide books. Today I would like to introduce you: Great South Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral, lovely Baroque Vrtba Garden located in Lesser Town and also one of the latest additions to Prague street art – Giant head of Franz Kafka. Three hidden gems you shouldn´t miss In Prague downtown.

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Where to exchange money in Prague?

If you come to Prague it is always good to have enough cash with you. I wouldn´t say Prague is a cash city, however just for your personal comfort it is highly recommend to exchange at least a portion of your budget. You can either use any local (bank branded) ATM or stop at money exchange office. Just make sure you pick the right one. It is not always easy.

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by | Jul 4, 2015

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  • Way up to Prague Castle without noisy crowds Its still
  • Cheers to my returning clients Lovely morning with my dear
  • People still smiling even after 10km walking with me
  • Spring in the drinksummer everywhere else Prague islands are the
  • Way up to Prague Castle without noisy crowds Its still
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  • City peace 10 minutes from Prague Castle
  • Just reading that Prague has the most public gardens in
  • Some of my tours are leading throught such picturesque places
  • Abandoned stairs Such places still exists downtown Prague prague stairs
  • Authentic Prague farmers market in Hala 22 No hipster spot