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Important information: Prague Castle and new security checks

For many years Prague Castle was open for free to everyone. Having several entrances, it was very easy to get in without waiting. Since last summer (2016), Czech president Miloš Zeman decided to put security checks in place. This measure started to cause a big problem: long line ups. My new blog post focuse on best practices how to make the most of your Prague Castle visit.

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Prague In Motion: 3 Cool Activities You Can Only Experience In Prague

If you are searching for a little bit non-standard experience and want to enjoy a bit more than just Prague historical downtown, this blog is dedicated to you. I am going to write about Prague in motion. About a unique fun you can experience only in Prague. It is cheap, original and memorable. Let me take you for a ride…

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3 Practical Tips For Your Prague Stay: How To Skip The Touristy Circus?

Are you planning to visit Prague soon? I bet you have heard a lot about this charming city, its history, sights and cheap beer. Maybe it is even on your bucket list! Yes? Then you should also know that Prague is not only beautiful, it is also full of touristy traps – basically just like anywhere else where travelers love to go. Let me take you through 4 practical tip for how to make your Prague stay more authentic. Learn with me how to skip the touristy circus.

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