My clients have many times requested me to recommend them a few alternative places which are fun, interesting and not that often visited by tourists – something unusual and extra. Sure – easy – there are so many! The problem however is, that being a foreign visitor with limited time, it is not always so easy to find these places without spending vast amounts of time searching for them. This provided the impulse for me to create completely new, off the beaten path tour to help travelers to discover Prague from a somewhat different perspective.

The tour is called Unknown Downtown Tour (2,5 h). As a local, I have put together 20 great places which are easily walkable in a short time (2,5 hours), at a comfortable pace

I carefully designed this tour for all who want to explore more unusual spots that are not neccessarily mentioned in guide books. In a small group of max. 8 people, we will reveal less visited places in downtown Prague (Old Town and New Town) living their distinctive lives in the shade of their famous siblings.

Jerusalem synagogue, Unknown Downtown Tour 2,5h

Jerusalem synagogue, Unknown Downtown Tour 2,5h


As I wrote above, there will be 20 off the beaten path stops. Mix of history, curiosities and unknown backalleys away from tourist crowds. Just to name a few:

| Tower in the tower, the highest freestanding bell tower in Prague – Jindřišská věž

| The biggest, youngest and the most colorful synagogue  – Jerusalem synagogue

| Several sculptures of the controversial Czech artist, David Černý (St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse, Hanging man, Embryo)

| Church of Our Lady of Snows with its highest altar in Prague

| The only cubistic street lamp in the world

| I will show you where on Wenceslas Square you can find a fallout shelter

| The oldest passageway in Prague and its hidden treasures

| Franciscan garden founded in the 14th century

| Unique piece of art – graffiti stained glass window created by a famous Czech graffiti writer

| Pub where the first Pilsner Urquell beer was on tap in Prague

| Church of St. Martin in a Wall – why there is a sculpture of a boy sticking his tongue out!?

| 600 year old bollard with scary appearance and suprisingly practical function

| The narrowest house in Prague

| QR code made of cobble stones

| Interesting installation in a Municipal library, sometimes called “Book tunnel with no end„ 

…and many stories, great back alleys, passageways, shortcuts and details of buildings which many people just easily pass.

St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse, Unknown Downtown tour 2,5h

St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse, Unknown Downtown tour 2,5h


This tour is absolutely perfect for those who have either already been to Prague before and want so see a bit more than the major sights or for those who love to discover beautiful hidden parts of the city and don´t want to travel too far to alternative neighbourhoods. On this tour we will stay downtown, particularly in the area of Old Town and New Town.

I also recommend to combine this tour with my scheduled Prague Behind The Scenes Tour (4,5 h walk) which is more suitable for Prague first timers as it is a great introduction to the city. Unknown Downton Tour (2,5 h walk) is then a perfect follow-up.

Book tunnel with no end, Unknown Downtown tour 2,5h

Book tunnel with no end, Unknown Downtown tour 2,5h


As on my other tours, all of my clients can use free wifi during the whole duration of the tour thanks to portable WiFi router I keep in my bag. The WiFi is very practical, you can upload your pictures online right away or you can tag places in your online map. I have also a little present for every participant of my tour. Polaroid photo printouts with pictures of the places we visited along the way. I call them printed memories of Prague. That´s my way of saying thank you for joining me.

Printed memories of Prague

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