Are you visiting Prague as a solo traveler? No worries. Even ladies. You absolutely don´t have to be afraid, Prague and the whole Czech Republic is very very very safe country and you can fully enjoy your stay here even when on a solo trip. According to Global Peace Index, Czech Republic ranks among the top 10 safest countries in the world. Czech Republic is currently on the 6th position.


But let´s leave the serious topic now and focuse more on some fun things. My name is Dana, Prague local and this post is dedicated to all solo travelers heading to my hometown. I have been a solo traveler myself many times so I hope this blog post will help you a bit when planning your Prague trip.

1. Where to stay?

Wherever it is convenient for you and where your budget allows. Prague doesn´t have no-go zones. Many people like to stay downtown (Old town, Lesser town, Castle district) as everything is super close then – but of course also less authentic and less local and more expensive. If you prefer more genuine experience I can recommend areas called Letná or Vinohrady, such an extended downtown with mostly locals and expats around, good restaurants, bitros, cafés….

solo traveler Prague

This is Prague Old Town, close to all the major sights.


2. How to explore the city?

Prepare a good pair of walking shoes as the best way how to explore Prague is on foot. Prague downtown is prefectly walkable and something interesting is awaiting at every corner. If you are on a budget you can take one the many free walking tours to see the sights but if you prefer more personal and less touristy experience, you can explore the city with me, Prague local. I am doing regular small-group tours for maximum 6 people per group. I should also mention that I never limit the minimum size of the group. This means that even when you are the only one in the group, the tour is available for the same price (900 CZK / person or 35 euro / person). Perfect for solo travelers I think!

If you prefer exploring the city on your own, have a look at my tips what not to miss in Prague:

In the Castle district (Hradčany)

  1. Prague Castle itself but at night (Castle is open until 10pm and after 5pm you can visit the Golden lane for free, no crowds, no noise, perfect atmosphere).
  2. Area of Nový svět picturesque quarter 10 minutes from Prague Castle. Here you should visit local café called Kavárna Nový svět (tiny family run café serving delicious drinks and home-baked cakes. They don´t have printed menu everything is written by the counter).
  3. Loreta, beautiful Baroque complex and pilgrimage destination, very quite neighbourhood of Hradčany district.
  4. Have a lunch at Kuchyň (Kitchen). This place is offering a special concept – no printed menu – they will take you right to the kitchen, lift up the lids and you can choose whatever you like).
solo traveler Prague

Nový svět is super cozy Prague quarter close to Prague Castle. In the picture you can also see the entrance to one local café.

In the Old Town

  1. Charles bridge in the morning (until 6:30am it´s absolutely magical and empty). Later in the day definitely climb Old Town bridge tower for fantastic views).
  2. Old Town square – also in the morning (until 8am it´s still nice and silent).
  3. Visit at least one church with oppulent Baroque decoration. For example Church of St.Jacob the Greater where you can see – besides the fantastic interiour – hanging mumified human hand. Another option is Church of Our Lady before Tyn right on Old Town square.
  4. Buy some nice non-touristy souvenir in Lípa store, just one minute from the Astronomical clocks.
  5. Hide agains crowds in a Scout institute and have a beer there on a balcony or in the oriel.
  6. Have a meal in a local butcher shop called Naše maso (you can tap your own beer here as well).
Solo traveler Prague

Wonderful view from old town bridge tower.


In the New Town (New Town is not really new, it´s from the 14th century)

  1. Start with perfect chlebíček or cake in Ovocný světozor – that´s where locals go.
  2. Then continue to Lucerna Palace to see St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse (modern art).
  3. On Wenceslas square you shouldn´t miss newly renovated building of National museum, it´s fantastic!
  4. National theatre building (close to here you can also visit many of our islands located on the Vltava river – for example Střelecký ostrov or Slovanský ostrov – perfect chill out zones downtown Prague).
solo traveler Prague

St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse. You can see him hanging inside Lucerna Palace.

Where to meet locals?

As I mentioned earlier, you don´t have to be afraid of any harrasment or provocations from locals. We are a bit different. More closed. We don´t really start to chat with people in the street or in a shop, etc. Most of the time we are also frowning, it´s our default setting I would say:))) Many people are still very reserved and shy when they have to speak English. Don´t take it bad please. Good places where to meet locals/expats together are Cobra bar, local weekend brunch you can enjoy in Bistro 8, Café Letka. Another great places where to meet locals are farmers markets (Farmers market Náplavka or Farmers market Heřmaňák).

Have a fantastic stay in Prague and if you have any questions or need more recommendations please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help you.

Dana, Prague local and guide for Prague Behind The Scenes


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